‍I'm Lucas

I'm fascinated by people. The way we work, think, feel, and collaborate. I'm Partner/CXO at Barrel, a creative marketing agency. I also write and perform music under the moniker Balast. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife, Dana. Twitter @lucasjballasy. More about me here.

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I need a vacation.

I used to say this if I was feeling inundated with to-dos and responsibilities. It seemed like escaping for a while would give me the relief I needed.

The thing is that even after weeks away, it only took a moment for all of the weight to return. Commitments are still commitments. Issues are still issues. So, what was the point? Temporary peace?

These days, I do my best to stop saying I need a vacation and start asking, why? What needs to change? I'd rather live a life that I don't need to escape every now and then.

Vacation should be a time for re's. Relax, reset, reimagine, rejuvenate. Not running.