The Power of Customer Data with Okendo


I too often see brands overlook the potential of customer data at every touchpoint. This is where Okendo shines.

It was nice to spend time with the Okendo team recently in NYC. I've been continually impressed with how they've grown the platform with features and products that just make sense, all driving toward helping brands build robust customer profiles. More on that soon.

For those curious, here's a common customer journey where Okendo could play a role at every step.

  • Customer sees an ad on Instagram. The brand targeted them using data gathered via Okendo.
  • Customer visits the website. They love the products but can't decide what to buy, so they take an Okendo Quiz. Brand begins building their customer profile within Klaviyo, capturing their preferences.
  • They narrow it down to two products and decide to purchase. They fill out an Okendo Survey post-purchase about their experience. Their customer profile now includes why they bought.
  • Once the product arrives, they receive an email prompting them to leave a review. They usually don't make the time, but with Okendo Loyalty (coming soon), they appreciate feeling valued for their purchase and time.
  • When they write their Okendo Review, they provide more details about who they are so other customers can relate with them. They even share a photo of them with the product. All of these attributes feed into their customer profile.
  • Over the next few weeks, the customer receives Klaviyo automated flows that share content and product recommendations that speak to their interests and preferences.
  • The customer becomes hooked. They not only buy more complementary products, they use Okendo Referrals to refer all of their friends to earn cash to buy more.

With every new customer who interacts with the brand, Okendo helps them understand each at a deeper level. All of these inputs helps them fuel more impactful brand, marketing, and product strategy.


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