My Cuyana "Customer" Journey: The Missed Opportunity of Gifters


Over the weekend, I was thinking about Dana's growing appreciation for the brand Cuyana. Last year, I gifted her a personalized wallet for her birthday (bought in NYC) and this year, a new purse for Mother's Day—both of which she adores. However, Cuyana sees me as the customer, aka the one using these items.

After my first purchase, I started receiving emails from Cuyana, and after the recent purse purchase, they've been sending me frequent SMS messages. The latest message was refreshing; they asked me about my content preferences:

While this is a step in the right direction, Cuyana would get more value by inquiring at checkout whether the item was for me or someone else. They could then better cater the messaging to me (less frequent, focus on gifting) and perhaps even include a note in the package for Dana that offers her an incentive to join their newsletter.

I'm a ghost to Magic Spoon, and Dana is a ghost to Cuyana.

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