Growing AOV with A Customer-First Approach


Have you ever found yourself online shopping and ending up with more items in your cart than you initially planned?

I remember when I finally decided to upgrade my iPhone case to a Quadlock. I was excited about having a case that could effortlessly mount to my bike and motorcycle. Upon visiting their website, I emerged not only with the case and mounts but with additional accessories that seemed indispensable.

So, what happened?

Quadlock wasn't haphazardly featuring other products, hoping I'd buy them. Instead, they took a customer-centric approach, thoughtfully presenting products that complemented my needs. And it worked!

We all know that AOV can be a powerful lever for brands as they look at opportunities to grow e-commerce, but it's not enough to merely suggest some products pre and post-checkout. While there's no magic wand for increasing AOV overnight, putting the customer's needs first is a great place to begin this transformation.

Strategies for Getting Started

Bundle Offerings

  • Thoughtful Combinations: Bundle items in ways that reflect common customer purchase patterns. This isn't just about increasing sales; it's about simplifying the customer's shopping experience.
  • Value and Convenience: Provide bundles that offer not just savings but also ease the decision-making process, showing customers that you value their time and money.
  • Brand Introduction and Use Cases: Consider which of your products serve as the best introduction to your brand, or cater these bundles to different use cases, allowing customers to see the practicality of your offerings in real-life scenarios. Blueland does this effectively with their 'Starter Kit' bundles.

Educational Upselling

  • Informed Choices: Educate customers on product combinations that work well together, helping them make decisions that align with their needs. Use tools like Rebuy to make these suggestions dynamic so they're changing throughout the full customer journey. In skincare and beauty, products often fit within a specific regimen. Let customers know why using the products together is most effective.
  • Deepen Relationships: Helping customers understand your brand and products isn’t just good service; it builds trust and credibility.
  • Post-Purchase Engagement: Don't neglect post-purchase! Use this phase as an opportunity to drive AOV. Engaging customers through emails and post-checkout suggestions, based on their recent purchases, can encourage additional sales. Wonderment makes this easy.

Relevant Experiences

  • Relevant Suggestions: Use customer data wisely to offer product suggestions that truly align with their past behaviors and preferences. This demonstrates that you understand and care about their unique needs.
  • Personalization: Employ tools, like Nosto, that aid in providing customers with a more personalized shopping experience. This could range from AI-driven recommendations to adaptive website navigation.

Adopting a customer-first strategy to AOV is about truly understanding and catering to customer needs. This approach not only aims to drive sales but fosters a lasting relationship with customers, built on trust and satisfaction.


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