From Personalization to the Environment: Client E-Commerce Trends


Here are some e-commerce trends we're seeing with our clients at Barrel and are working with them to improve on:

1/ Personalization

If you truly understand who your customer is, you can create personalized experiences for them, which will make them more loyal to your company.

For personalization to work, you have to consider what questions you’re asking the customer and what channels you’re using to learn about them:

• Product finders
• Quizzes
• Reviews
• Emails


This will help you tell the difference between someone buying a ring for their partner and someone buying a ring for themselves.

These are two different customer types. And they’ll need different personalized experiences.

2/ Website speed & performance

Everyone wants things quickly. People are impatient.

If your website is crawling along, they’ll move on. And your conversion rate and AOV will fall.

At Barrel, we test our clients’ websites and analyze how they load scripts, handle third-party apps, etc. to make sure they’re snappy.

3/ Accessibility

It’s amazing how many websites are difficult to navigate or have buttons that are hard to find.

This isn’t just a matter of compliance and following guidelines. Designing your websites to be more accessible makes the buying process easier for your customers.

4/ Reduced environmental footprint

Customers care (or want to care) about the environment — and companies are listening.

Offering customers a discount when they send old products back for recycling is a good example.

Another one is offering a re-sale program where customers can buy and sell used merchandise. Treet makes this pretty turnkey.

Overall, I think these are all good places for businesses to focus their e-commerce efforts — and Barrel is investing in helping our clients do so daily.


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