Website Audit vs. Redesign: Bridging the Gap

Ways of Working

Several years ago, we developed a robust e-commerce audit offering. It is a lower bar to entry for clients who can't afford a website redesign and a great option for clients only looking to improve upon their current website. In the audit, we dig into website performance, UX, and tech, share our findings, and develop a roadmap to make optimizations and improve conversion.

What I find fascinating about a website audit project is the problem-solution mentality. We do our best to understand the client's business to be able to identify the website's issues and come out with actionable insights. Lately, I've been interested in the contrast of this approach alongside our process for website redesigns.

When working on a website redesign, the client's sentiment is often different than an audit. They're not concerned with fixing, so there's less focus on challenges and more focus on reinvention. "Our website doesn't represent our brand, don't look at it." We have to be careful of blindly throwing everything out. What works today? What doesn't? How will the new website tackle these challenges and bring added value?

I'm eager to experiment with different ways of bringing the spirit of website audits to website redesigns. I don't ever expect these two types of projects to be the same; however, I think there's a lot to be gained by anchoring ourselves on the same mindset.

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