Tolstoy: The Intersection of Content & Commerce


It's no secret that video content is a powerful tool for brand engagement. The Vine era taught us many things. For one, it taught us that even 6 seconds of video is enough to capture someone's attention and inspire them to take action.

While we're seeing social platforms creeping into the world of e-commerce (and thriving), we've also seen success with helping our clients bring video experience to e-commerce with platforms like Tolstoy.

Tolstoy began with a simple pop-up on an e-commerce website homepage that let brands share an interactive video experience. It seemed simple, and yet it quickly made an impact, keeping users more engaged for longer sessions. For founder-led brands, it became a unique way to invite customers into the brand, letting them hear directly from the founder and feel more connected to the brand.

Since its inception, Tolstoy has evolved to provide brands with numerous opportunities for engaging with customers through video, both on their shopping journey on-site and beyond.

Here are a few examples of how we've helped our clients get value out of Tolstoy:

Sweet Loren’s founder, Loren Castle's battle with cancer is central to the brand's origin, ethos, and product. Tolstoy’s interactive video module was instrumental in bringing her story to customers, offering them a chance to directly hear from Loren, pose questions, and gain deeper insights.

We also used Tolstoy’s embedded stories feature to integrate recipes and baking tips into product pages, offering shoppers inspiration as they explore products.

For Pavise, a new skincare brand, demonstrating community engagement and product efficacy was critical for launch. Through Tolstoy’s video quizzes and shoppable UGC (User Generated Content) embeds, we were able to capture the brand's community on their website, allowing customer to learn, discover more about the brand, and hear directly from other customers.

Two Blind Brothers, a not-for-profit fashion brand dedicated to finding a cure for blindness by donating 100% of their profits to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, offers a 'Reserve Collection' exclusive to customers who have purchased the Shop Blind box. This collection's allure lies in the quality and fit of each item. Their mission has cultivated a passionate community eager to share their brand experiences on social media. Tolstoy’s embedded videos across product detail pages and landing pages have been instrumental in bringing these customer stories to life, showcasing product details without compromising site speed or performance.

See here for more on how we help clients implement Tolstoy, or check out Tolstoy's website for their full suite of products.


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