Sweet Loren's Move to Shopify


Last week, we launched a new website for the vegan cookie brand Sweet Loren's. We helped them re-platform from Magento to Shopify with a fresh look and feel meant to capture the brand's essence while educating customers on what makes their cookies unique.

I'm especially excited about this launch for a few reasons.

  • Before Sweet Loren's contacted us, I was already a fan. A couple of years ago, I went all-in on a vegan diet and immersed myself in vegan recipes and alternatives. I found Sweet Loren's cookies and fell in love.
  • Sweet Loren's was one of the first projects where we decided to make significant adjustments to our proposal format and experiment with three unique approach options. The positive feedback on our new proposal format provided momentum for future evolutions.
  • We had our eye on Tolstoy for some time, looking for the right client to put it into action. After Founder Loren Castle survived cancer in her early twenties, she made it her mission to eliminate processed foods from her diet and went on to create Sweet Loren's. For founder-led brands like Sweet Loren's, we want customers to feel connected to the founder's story. This project was the perfect opportunity for Tolstoy to shine.

I remember early talks with Sweet Loren's SVP of Marketing, Robyn, about the potential for the new Sweet Loren's website. It feels great to see it live. I look forward to continuing our work with the brand, helping them better connect with their customers from web to retail.

You can check out the new website at sweetlorens.com.


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