Maximizing Holiday Sales: Post-Purchase Gift Card Tactics for Black Friday


I hate to say it but Black Friday will be here before we know it and for brands, now is the time to start planning. Here's a tip I've been excited about lately and can be powerful during the holidays:

Amidst the frenzy of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, when many shoppers are in gift-giving mode, brands have a unique chance to connect with both customers and their gift recipients through post-purchase gift cards. Yes, gift cards. Gift cards can be more than just a gift during the holidays.

The post-purchase phase is a critical part of the customer journey. One of my favorite tactics is to offer a discounted gift card immediately after checkout, accompanied by a timer to create a sense of urgency. A strategy we often see and love in our local restaurants.

By presenting customers with this exclusive time-sensitive offer, brands can tap into customer FOMO, prompting them to take action swiftly and add the discounted gift card to their cart.

This strategy not only boosts the average order value (AOV) during the initial purchase but also plants the seed for a subsequent visit. Customers feel a sense of exclusivity, knowing they have access to this limited-time offer, while the brand can plan for future sales beyond the height of BFCM.


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