Text Me When You're Home

Ways of Working

Why do we ask our family and friends to text us when they're home?

When we're not with them, they go about their lives freely. We don't know when they're out or when they'll return. Yet, when we're together, we want to know.

Does it weigh on us to wonder if they got home safely?
Do we ask so we can relieve ourselves of this burden?

When we become aware of something, we get involved. It doesn't matter if we were blind to it before, and it was working just fine. Suddenly, it feels within our purview.

Would our family and friends get home whether we knew or not? Most likely. Our awareness doesn't change the probability.

Maybe, sometimes, it's okay to be simply aware.
Maybe, sometimes, it's okay to wonder.

Maybe, sometimes, we don't need to get involved.

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