Changing Perspective

Ways of Working

Pick an object around you. Look at it for 30 seconds. What do you notice?

Now, stand up and move to either side of the object. Look for 30 more seconds. What do you see now?

Go back to where you started. 30 more seconds. What do you see now that you did not before?

Whether or not you do this exercise, you might imagine that you will notice something new each time.

Changing perspective opens our eyes.

Sometimes, it can be hard to see new possibilities. We become hyper-focused on our view and never stand up to take a different look. Maybe we are feeling lazy or stubborn, convinced that we have it figured out. In either case, being told that we need to stand will only push us further in our seats. So, what happens when everyone is comfortable sitting down?

It is not worth our energy to try forcing anyone to stand up and sit beside us. Instead, we can get curious. Ask questions. Why are they so content? What do they see from their view?

The more we ask, the more everyone learns, the more engaged we become. Soon, we are all standing, looking around, and together, we can find a way forward.

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