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Ways of Working

We had a follow-up call last week with a client about how to move forward after presenting an audit of their website a week earlier. This meeting is a new step in our process to give clients time to digest our recommendations and decide how they would like to proceed. Previously, weeks might pass after presenting the audit without knowing if and when the client might want to implement our recommendations.

Initially, we kept the meeting agenda flexible to give ourselves room to discover how to best use the time with clients. After a third rep in the books last week, a new process is starting to emerge.

Upon completing our next website audit, we will document all recommendations in a Google Sheet. Following our presentation, we'll share this with the client and mark the recommendations we consider high value and priority. We'll ask the client to review this along with our presentation document and make any edits. One question we still need to answer is whether or not we include pricing and estimates at this stage.

We'll then use the follow-up meeting to gather feedback and align on the scope of implementation so we can follow up with a proposal. At the start of last week's call, we received some helpful feedback about our analytics audit that we'll be considering for next time. We spent the rest of the time discussing the recommendations they'd like us to implement. Without an organized list, though, the conversation wasn't as productive as it could have been. In the future, we'll open up the Google Sheet with suggested recommendations and review the client's edits, making any necessary changes as we go.

Kudos to our Director of Client Services, Kate, for pivoting last week and proactively putting together a Google Sheet to organize our recommendations. Not only has it helped with developing a proposal, but our client found it to be valuable in managing where their internal developer's involvement ends and our's begins.

Our website audits have come a long way in a short amount of time. At this point, small tweaks like this one are what will make all of the difference.

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