BL&T No. 085: Home Sweet Home


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"It is important to note that while goods are consumed, services are experienced. The professional service provider is (or should be) as much in the business of managing the client’s experience with respect to professional services as in the business of executing technical tasks."

From "Managing The Professional Service Firm" by David H. Maister [Book]


There's nothing quite like arriving home after a trip away. Memphis was fun, though. Reuniting with a group of friends who used to live within blocks of each other in a new city is always a good time. In addition to the wedding, we were there for, we visited the Civil Rights Museum, housed at the Lorraine Motel where MLK spent his final moments, and Graceland, home of the King of rock n' roll. Both were very cool.

Dana and I also decided to visit a gun range. Neither of us had ever shot a gun or ever planned to, but a friend's suggestion piqued our interest. We didn't know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and focus on safety. "If you're going to own a gun, you better understand how to use it properly." It was a 2-hour session with half the time spent on a presentation and overview. From the group of eight, Dana and I were the only out-of-towners. While we won't be returning to a gun range anytime soon, we enjoyed learning something new and feeling more informed.

Despite being away for the week, I continued working from the sunroom of our quaint Airbnb nestled in Memphis's Cooper-Young neighborhood, so the action at work never stopped.

Here are some topics on my mind from last week:

Thought Starter

Where might I improve my client's experience in working with my team? What opportunities are there to simplify?

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