51 Qualities That Every Creative Leader Looks for in a New Hire but Doesn't Include in the Job Post

Company Culture
  1. You enjoy working with people, people enjoy working with you.
  2. You like to think, you do it often.
  3. Your motivation for work is not to further your portfolio or resume, you put what’s right for the project first.
  4. You believe that if you do what you love and do it well; good things will come.
  5. You treat every project with the same level of thought and energy, no matter the shape or size.
  6. You enjoy the journey as much as the outcome, sometimes more.
  7. You know that it's often the small things that make the most impact.
  8. You're not concerned with who gets recognized, you're just happy to be a part of the success.
  9. You don't talk just to have something to say.
  10. You listen when others are speaking.
  11. You enter every conversation willing to leave with a different perspective.
  12. You're not afraid of silence.
  13. You don't expect anyone to read your mind.
  14. You ask questions for more context before drawing conclusions.
  15. You see your clients as collaborators.
  16. You value trust.
  17. You're honest with yourself and respectfully honest with others.
  18. You're upfront about what you know and what you don't, you actively work to fill in any gaps.
  19. You don't just share your ideas, you share how you got there and all relevant context.
  20. You're more scared of becoming comfortable than uncomfortable.
  21. You're on an endless journey to become better.
  22. You crave feedback, it drives you.
  23. You value your own time as much as your team's.
  24. You're not afraid to be wrong, you’re not afraid to fail.
  25. You know that even the most carefully planned projects might not work out, that doesn’t discourage you from trying.
  26. You care about the details just as much as the big picture.
  27. You take ownership of your work and responsibility for your actions.
  28. You know that if it looks like a problem and sounds like a problem, you still have to put in the time to uncover the root cause.
  29. You learn from your mistakes and connect the dots before they're repeated.
  30. You're not easily overwhelmed.
  31. You prefer to speak up than be spoken for.
  32. You come with potential solutions when seeking advice on new challenges.
  33. You know that there's more than one way to get the job done, you enjoy finding the most efficient one.
  34. You respect roles and titles but don't let them get in the way of doing good work.
  35. You "google it" on your own first.
  36. You’ve developed a system for getting things done in your professional and personal life.
  37. You're ambitious but you're realistic.
  38. You believe in a good night's rest.
  39. You know that late nights are not admirable or sustainable.
  40. Your passion for your work is one of many in your life.
  41. You’d rather guide others than take over.
  42. You appreciate that we’re not all the same, you seek out new points of view.
  43. You’re inspired by what you consume.
  44. You create order when there is none.
  45. You do your best to leave all your preconceived notions at the door.
  46. You're curious, you find joy in going deep on new subject matter.
  47. You know where you want to go but also know that there are countless ways to get there.
  48. You always know why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  49. You know that your past doesn't have to define your future.
  50. You know when to let go and you do.
  51. You'd love to work with the person who exemplifies every one of these qualities but you know that we're all human.
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