What Sets Winning E-Commerce Teams Apart


Someone recently asked me what sets the e-commerce teams of successful brands apart. Reflecting on my experience at Barrel over the last 11 years, here are some qualities I've observed among the strongest teams:

They're committed to continuous website improvement. Whether with an in-house team, consultant, or agency, they prioritize making their websites user-friendly and fast, from baseline e-commerce best practices to mobile UX to site navigation to checkout.

They pay attention to key metrics and dig in to identify trends. They seek out the 'why' behind every 'what' vs. making impulsive, reactive decisions.

They don't try to reinvent the wheel. They leverage Shopify and its ecosystem of apps and tools to minimize operational costs while maximizing efficiency and creating the best brand and customer experience.

They understand there's no end to understanding their customers. They regularly engage in interviews and surveys to gather customer feedback and gather insights to improve their products and services.

They make all customers feel heard and appreciated. Whether through high-touch customer service interactions, personalized experiences, loyalty, referral programs, and the like.

They recognize the importance of a robust email/SMS strategy. They prioritize segmentation to create communications that resonate with customers' preferences and interests.

They think strategically about where they drive marketing traffic, leveraging insights to create target landing pages and experiences for campaigns.

They consider every channel where customers might find their products, ensuring there's a cohesive connection between these experiences. They make sure there's always a path back to their website to engage and learn more.

They know who they are as a brand but are never afraid to challenge this notion. They lead with an open mind and are always open to experiment. They continually explore their place in the market and how they can deliver value to their customers, always willing to adapt and learn.

All in all, the secret to their success isn't just what they do but how they approach their entire operation with a mindset that embraces continuous learning, efficiency, and a deep commitment to customer engagement and satisfaction.


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