Using Post-Purchase Surveys to Understand Customers & Drive Strategy


Post-purchase surveys go beyond gathering feedback—they are a powerful tool for understanding customers and making strategic decisions that drive business success.

Here are example questions a brand might ask and why they matter:

"What other products do you wish you could purchase?"

By exploring customers' desired products, you uncover untapped market opportunities. This valuable insight can help expand your offerings to better suit their needs. For example, a coffee brand could consider adding creamer options to enhance the overall coffee experience.

"Which brands did you consider before choosing ours?"

Understanding customers' alternatives sheds light on your competitors' strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge allows you to align your brand's unique value proposition, refine your positioning, and stand out from the competition.

"How do you plan to use our product?"

Customers often find innovative ways to use products that may surprise you. By asking this question, you uncover popular or unknown use cases, providing opportunities to enhance your product offerings and stay ahead of evolving customer needs.

While there are more intricate tactics for gathering customer insights, post-purchase surveys capture customers when they're engaged and excited about their recent purchase. Seizing this moment ensures higher response rates and more authentic feedback.

At Barrel, we're fans of Fairing and how they help our clients get to know their customers.

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