Using Website Navigation to Introduce the Brand


Throughout my years of designing websites, one issue I see time and time again is that brands often overlook the importance of their website navigation.

Whether you're using a phone or a computer, our research consistently shows that users land on a website, look at the menu, and then move on.

Instead of immediately trying to optimize the content and pages better, we always start work with new clients by thinking about the menu and overall structure of the website. It's not just a tool for users to find their way around; it's a chance for a brand to show them what they're all about and what they offer.

Here's a simple example, if you're a clothing company that cares about being environmentally friendly, make sure your menu highlights what you sell and why you're unique. Here's a simple example: "Bottoms, Tops, Accessories, Sustainability" instead of "Shop, Collections, About, Blog."


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