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Ways of Working

Last year, we shifted our entire team to Asana, consolidating SmartSheets, Basecamp, and other tools. We saw the move as a way to streamline collaboration and create efficiency. While Asana has proven to be an effective tool for the team, there have been challenges in how we collaborate with clients. Some will say they understand it but then ask for information that already lives in Asana (deadlines, links, etc.). Others are allergic to even signing in.

In re-envisioning our ways of working, including how we use Asana, I keep coming back to the idea of a project plan. What does a client need to know? What do they care about most?

I remember the buzz when Domino's first introduced the pizza tracker in their app. Customers loved knowing the progress of their order and when it would be ready. As an agency, I don't see our client's needs that much differently. They want to know where their project stands at every step, when to get involved, and when it will be ready to launch.

When I look at our process today, we're expecting the client to follow along with the recipe, not track the status of their order.

I'm excited for the most recent developments on process changes. Overall, I see a huge opportunity to simplify, narrow our client's view, and deliver on what's important.

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