On May 5


Ten years ago today, it was a Thursday.

It had been a week or so since I wrapped my first semester as a TA (Teaching Assistant) at Tyler School of Art, my soon-to-be alma mater.

As the evening set in, I got prepared to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at one of "my" student's apartments. I did not know this night would live on for years to come.

Months prior, this student had requested me on Facebook. I let it linger. See, from day one, I knew that there was positive energy between us. I remember walking in the classroom on my first day as TA. There she was with short blonde hair, wearing a Temple U sweatshirt. I couldn't place what it was about her, but our eyes were like magnets.

I was serious about my new TA position, so I chose to ignore our connection for the entire semester. This evening's festivities would be a big step.

I got on my bike and made my way to a nearby bodega for refreshments. 40 oz beers were the budget-friendly drink of choice. I sprung for Miller High Life, one for me, one for her, and set out for the party.

I'll never forget the bottles in their bags swinging from my handlebars. I did my best to stay balanced while dodging potholes in the dark on the neglected North Philly streets. I wondered if this was what it was like to audition for an act at Ringling Bros.

When I arrived, the look on her face was priceless. What I didn't know was that nearly all of her friends were awaiting my arrival. She had been telling them about our apparent connection for months. No one fully believed her, but they all had some expectation of who this TA character might be. Now, there I was, standing on her doorstep. No longer a TA, just a guy, eager to see a girl, refreshments in hand.

You may have caught on by now, but that student is now my wife, Dana. We made some great memories that night.

I chose to share this story today because, for about a decade now, I return to it every year on May 5, and I laugh. I hope it brought a smile to your face, even just the slightest.

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