Houses, Websites, and the Creative Process

There are six steps I follow for every creative project. Sometimes, formally. Other times, I run through them in my mind or create quick sketches. Either way, if I try to cut corners, I always regret it later.

I liken the process to building a house.

  1. Imagine. Setting, location, architectural style, ambiance, inspiration.
  2. Specify. Rooms, bathrooms, storage, garage, etc.
  3. Plan. Blueprint! How it all fits together.
  4. Concept. Interior/exterior finishing options.
  5. Design. Lock in finishes. Finalize specs.
  6. Build.

It's not too different from building a website.

  1. Imagine. Experience, ambiance, inspiration.
  2. Specify. Number of pages, features, content types.
  3. Plan. Wireframes! How it all fits together.
  4. Concept. Look and feel options.
  5. Design. Lock in look and feel. Finalize specs.
  6. Build.

Whether it's houses, websites, or something else, once you master the steps, even the most complicated projects can feel within reach.