Learning from Your Customers: Insights from BIO RAW's Journey


I had the pleasure of chatting with Oren Epstein this week, the founder and CEO of BIO RAW, a fresh, organic meal delivery service based in Canada. They also offer other products like dressings and bite-sized fresh snacks.

What struck me from my conversation with Oren was not only his passion but also his dedication to improvement and commitment to understanding and learning from his customers.

For starters, when Oren launched BIO RAW in 2017, he attended over 300 events in the first year, using it as a means to learn as much as he could from customers first-hand. Talk about hustle.

When the pandemic hit, he didn't let the obstacles slow him down. He used the time to go deeper, asking questions like, what value am I bringing my customer? How else could BIO RAW serve them? He didn't hire a strategy firm or conduct a focus group, though.

Oren reached out to the top 50 customers to engage in real, meaningful conversations. He sent them products and spent an hour on calls with every one of them, unpacking their wants, needs, lifestyles, and where BIO RAW fits in.

The insights that emerged from these conversations were more valuable in shaping Oren's strategy than any market research report could offer. For their customers, BIO RAW's offerings are not about eating a strictly vegan diet but more a mark of health and quality. Oren refers to it as a "healthy checkmark" in their weekly meals.

He also learned about the versatility of the meals, appreciated by brides-to-be and busy moms alike, who loved the convenience and nutritional value. With the generous portion size of meals, many customers even chose to integrate them across several meals or found other uses like making a stir-fry. Especially for parents, the nut-free and gluten-free options were a hit, offering peace of mind and simplicity in meal prep.

Funny enough, only one of the customers Oren spoke to was vegan, and very few seemed concerned about the organic label. Both were critical for Oren when building the brand. It reminded me of how I felt sharing my music as a songwriter. Every song might have a deep meaning for me, but for the listener, it's about their story.

In the end, Oren learned that BIO RAW's value is in its convenience, quality, and a low-stress, nutritious solution to the eternal question, "What's for dinner?"

My conversation with Oren was a powerful reminder of what happens when you take the time to talk to your customers. Not just surveys or feedback forms, but actual conversations


It's easy to get caught up in what we think our customers want or need. I guess sometimes it takes a crisis to remind us of the simple truth that our customers can and will tell us everything we need to know if we're willing to listen.

Whether you're a marketer, running CX, or leading e-commerce, when was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your customers? You might be surprised by what you learn.


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