Branding the Development Process

Ways of Working

I'm sharing this idea because it was top of mind as last week came to a close. Right now, I notice a narrative forming on our team: the development process feels like a "black box," meaning we finish design milestones and then enter a cloud-like abyss, hoping we come out on the other side with an effective end product.

Sometime in 2019, I worked with the team to document and re-name many of our design milestones to get more alignment on the team. While many of the activities remained the same, it was amazing to see how far a new naming approach and onboarding deck went.

Like the predictable cadence of the design process, I'm curious how we can better brand and outline the development process for our team and clients alike. While it may feel like a black box, it's not. There are a series of activities and milestones we do every time. However, many of these activities aren't client-facing until they're at a level of polish worth sharing.

But, why wait? What would it look like to deliver something every week or two? What might get a client just as excited as sharing wireframes or two unique design concepts?

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