The Importance of Purpose

Time Management

Powerful excerpt from a favorite, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Thanks to Peter for resurfacing it for me today.

"Often the only way to make a hard decision is to come back to the purpose of what you’re doing."

This concept been on my mind a lot lately. The past year has brought on a number of changes to the way we operate as a team. As we solicit feedback from the team, this is a good reminder to take a step back. It is easy to react and quickly implement changes that feel good in the moment but may not have the intended impact down the line.

I've recently found writing to help provide clarity. This means making the time to capture the purpose of every initiative in writing from the start. What do we hope to accomplish? Why are we doing it?

Later, when faced with feedback, the writing acts as a guide. Instead of acting impulsively, we can recalibrate and decide how to address next steps. Have we lost sight of our original purpose? Has that purpose changed? What will get us closer to where we want to go?

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