Small Steps, Big Gains


Last week, I began new programming to continue preparing for my first Strongman competition in July. The first workout on Tuesday was tough enough that I went to bed asking myself why my legs were so tired.

I thought back to the workout just a few hours before and started doing the math. Of the workout's four parts, the first was deadlifts for five rounds, six reps each. My fatigue started to make more sense when I added it up - that's 30 reps at 275 lbs (for context, just shy of 2x my bodyweight).

I laid in bed, wondering how I would have perceived the workout if I went into it anchored on completing 30 reps instead of pushing through five sets of six. It wouldn't have been any tougher, but there's no doubt that my mind would have made it out to be that much more ambitious.

Tuesday's workout reminded me not to get intimidated by the big picture, and instead, focus on the progress I can make by anchoring myself on the small steps. Whether I'm working on an ambitious project at Barrel or have a lot to get done at home, I'll always gain more by asking myself where to start rather than looking at everything, fearing that I won't make it to the end.

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