Rebuy's Free Plan and Checkout Extensions Announcement


Rebuy has been effective for many of our clients, helping them roll out dynamic product suggestions, smart upsells/cross-sells, and post-purchase offers, among other features.

I was chatting with the Rebuy team last week and was excited to learn about their new free plan and use of Shopify checkout extensions.

New free plan: This is a big win for smaller merchants and really any merchant getting started on the platform. Merchants won’t see a bill until Rebuy has generated over $1,000 in revenue. It's nice to see Rebuy standing behind their product with this update.

Unlimited, free use of Checkout Extensions: An effective strategy for upselling and cross-selling is to include relevant products during checkout. Customers are engaged, ready to complete their order, then see a discounted add-on. With one click, their AOV goes up!

Rebuy has made this feature available at no cost via Checkout Extensions to Shopify brands using Plus. Regardless of how much revenue it drives, it's free.

Check out the Rebuy pricing page to calculate estimated ROI and find more details on pricing and other features.


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