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Ad·vice: guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.

Some people ask for advice because they think they're supposed to.

Some people don't ask for advice because they don't think they can.

Some people ask for advice without ever planning to take it.

Some people need advice but are afraid to ask.

Some people need advice but don’t know where to go.

Some people get advice they don’t need.

Some people don’t think they have advice to give so they stay quiet.

Some people have advice to give but are afraid to give it.

Some people have advice to give but no one to give it to.

Some people take advice they shouldn’t take.

Some people are afraid of the advice they know they should take.

Some people interpret information as advice.

Some people interpret advice as information.

We all know some people.

We're all some people at some point.


Note: I wrote this after a conversation with a friend who told me about a workshop they attended. The purpose of the workshop was to share and learn from the experiences of like-minded individuals. One attendee seemed to come with no intention of taking advice, dismissing any feedback from their peers. Why were they there?

With every passing year, I see my relationships with friends and family evolve. We're all dealing with different challenges. Love. Finance. Career. Etc. Life will always have its ups and downs. I wish we were more forward with asking for and offering advice. Sometimes, I think pride gets in the way. I know, in the past, it has for me. In these situations, pride will not get us very far. These days, I'm making more of a deliberate effort to break down these walls and be mindful not to put up my own.

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