How to Keep Up Momentum Post-BFCM


Now that the cyber dust has settled and we transition into a new year, you may be feeling the post-sales slump, emotionally and as a business. But the work is far from over!

Whether your BFCM was a success or a learning experience, you likely have an influx of new customers currently getting to know your product and brand.

Use this opportunity to grow your customer base by cultivating lasting relationships and maximizing your potential together. Here are some tips to consider.

Returns are sadly inevitable post-BFCM, but they don't have to be so depressing. Rather than viewing them as setbacks, consider returns a strategic move to get to know customers by finding out why they're unhappy or increase AOV by offering discounts on higher-priced products or additional related products. Even if you can't win them back, an incredible customer service experience can be enough for them to return later or tell a friend. Check out this post on how to set yourself up to avoid returns as much as possible.

For subscription-based businesses, tackle potential one-month churn by offering gifts or exclusive perks, showcasing the ongoing value of their subscription. Additionally, reach out to subscribers now with an email that reinforces the power they have with their subscription to avoid accumulating excess products.

There's no better time than post-BFCM to launch a loyalty program to drive customer engagement and repeat purchases. Whether you go with points or credit is up to you and depends on what you think will resonate with customers. Either way you go, a well-structured loyalty program is a must-have for customer retention.

If you haven't unlocked the potential of personalized email/SMS automation, get started by segmenting your customers based on buying patterns and start gathering data now. Post-purchase surveys, quizzes, and reviews are the perfect inputs for improving segmentation. You can then use this data to create more automation that connects with new customers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

While phone calls might seem outdated, there's nothing like hearing from a customer directly. Reach out to new customers, showing appreciation and a genuine interest in their experiences. Learn about their motivations and purchase journey. By making customers feel valued, you increase the likelihood of their return and transformation into brand advocates.

Once you've created a new group of fans, they'll need an easy way to tell all of their friends. A referral program is pivotal in capitalizing on your most loyalty customers. Provide incentives for customers to share positive experiences with friends, creating a cycle of customer satisfaction and brand growth.


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