BL&T No. 113: Introducing The E-Commerce Corner


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"The best way to get started on the path to sharing your work is to think about what you want to learn, and make a commitment to learning it in front of others."

From “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon [Book]


Last week, Peter, Barrel Co-Founder/CEO, gave me the idea to write a Twitter thread on e-commerce trends we've seen with clients this year. Read it here.

It's been fun to see the engagement since posting compared with my past tweets and threads. Writing the observations reminded me of a thought I had a few months ago about integrating more e-commerce-related insights into my newsletter. I wasn't sure exactly how to incorporate them, but there were a couple of reasons I thought an addition could be valuable.

Sharing with clients and the larger community: As I mentioned in the Twitter thread, clients are always asking what trends we're seeing among our clients. When I talk to partners and vendors, they often have the same question. Carving out weekly space to share ideas with the community seemed like a great way to create an ongoing, real-time response to this question and maybe open the doors to further dialogue.

Making a habit of keeping a pulse on trends: Part of the value I've gotten from writing my newsletter is building a habit of slowing down and reflecting on the week's happening, often noticing the nuances of a given situation or a connection to past reading and experiences. I figured writing about e-commerce observations might have a similar effect, uncovering new ideas and learning along the way.

With that in mind, I'm excited to kick off a new addition to my newsletter, The E-Commerce Corner.

Each week, I'll share a bite-sized piece of content highlighting observations, insights, or ideas from working with clients, chatting with vendors, and sometimes, just being a customer myself.

The tweets in the thread mentioned above are great examples of what you can expect. Scroll down for this week's feature!

I'm excited to give this new section a go and see how it evolves in the coming weeks and months.

Thought Starter

How might a commitment to sharing help me grow and learn?


The E-Commerce Corner

We're currently looking into leveraging Tolstoy for an upcoming project. It uses video to enhance customer service experiences bot functions like a live chat (or bot). It also includes features like interactive shopping and product recommendations.

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