BL&T No. 173: Sharing My Second Year In Review

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"Thought will not work except in silence,” Thomas Carlyle said. If we want to think better, we need to seize these moments of quiet. If we want more revelations—more insights or breakthroughs or new, big ideas—we have to create more room for them. We have to step away from the comfort of noisy distractions and stimulations. We have to start listening."

From "Stillness is the Key" by Ryan Holiday [Book]


I recently purchased an Aura digital picture frame for our home, seeing it as a fun way to revisit the many milestones and ordinary moments that have brought us joy over the years. Dana and I have already found ourselves lingering in the hallway and reminiscing.

In the course of 2023, I captured 6,215 photos and videos on my phone—more than double from the previous year. As I curated these moments for the digital frame and prepared to write my 2023 year in review, I couldn't help but reflect on how lucky we are to be able capture and effortlessly relive these snapshots at our whim.

Before Mylo was born, just about every parent I knew cautioned me how fast the early months go and how quickly babies change. I took this as a word of advice to document as much of those stages as I could. Among those 6,215 photos are several short vignettes of Mylo laughing, smiling, or simply making little noises as a newborn.

All that said, all of these photos have proven to be incredibly helpful in reflecting on 2023 and have made the process of writing this year in review that much more enjoyable. It's incredible how much we can accomplish in just 12 months.

In my 2023 year in review, I cover:

  • Five Takeaways from 2023
  • Highlights
  • Progress and habits tracked in: Fitness & Diet, Health & Wellness, Writing, Speaking, Reading, Finance, Travel, and Barrel
  • Five Themes for 2024

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In what ways will I evolve in 2024? What memories do I hope to create?

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