Beyond Conversion Rate: Low-Hanging Fruit Opportunities


E-commerce teams are often fixated on conversion rate. While conversion is, of course, an important metric, don’t miss out on opportunities to drive revenue with engaged customers.

Here are 3 low-hanging fruit opportunities I see brands often miss:

1) Not getting to know the customer

While most brands assume they know their audience, do they really understand them? Assumptions are not enough.

Regular customer calls, "Jobs To Be Done" interviews, and post-purchase surveys aid in understanding customers' wants, needs, and aspirations. The insights from these interactions can help inform targeted improvements.

A good starting point for gathering input is through post-purchase surveys. Fairing offers an effective solution. For those already on Okendo, their survey tool is also a great option.

2) Not cross-selling and upselling dynamically

Upsells and cross-sells may seem like a no-brainer but if they’re not dynamic, the juice may not be worth the squeeze. Upsells and cross-sells should show up throughout the shopping experience, primarily on the product page & cart.

Using tools like Rebuy makes it easy to show dynamic, personalized, and relevant products that the customer will actually be interested in.

Bundling is another strategy for effective upselling. Craft bundles that cater to specific customer interests, such as first-time customers exploring multiple flavors. The better you understand your customer, the more effective bundles can be. Happy customer? Increased AOV? Win-win.

3) Neglecting the post-purchase phase

One of the biggest missed opportunities is post-purchase. The order confirmation page is a prime spot for upsells and cross-sells, enticing customers with limited-time offers. This may be the third time they’ve considered adding the item to the cart, but a discount often seals the deal.

It’s not just the Order Confirmation page that has opportunities. Did you know order tracking pages are among the top five most popular pages on Shopify sites? Elevating order tracking with an on-brand, personalized experience can go a long way with customers and notably increase AOV. We love Wonderment for this.

Don’t lose hope if a customer initiates a return! Again, make this experience feel great and on-brand. Make the return easy, but also re-introduce similar or complementary products for an exchange. Loop simplifies this process.

There’s too much to say about email/SMS to fit in here, but with more data around your customers, you have the power to create robust, automated flows that will keep your customers engaged and deepen your relationship with them.


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